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After answering an ad for truck driver with paid training, I talked to a recruiter and signed up. I drove 900 miles to Indianapolis. I was placed at a Holiday Inn Express. I was put with a room mate who left after 1 day. I was then switched from room to room, room mate to room mate. The hotel manager treated the C1 students with disdain. We were warned to not hang around the front of the hotel and relegated to the back parking lot to smoke. Our rooms were subject to searches for drugs and/or alcohol. We were bunked 3 to a room for 3 nights when the hotel overbooked. I was given a cot with a fitted sheet-no blanket.

The first week was book learning. Our instructor was a cranky ex-driver who took verbal shots at anyone who didn't suit her. We were treated and spoken to like kindergarteners. I passed my CDL written tests.

The 2nd week we went out to the driving area to begin our time in the truck. This was November in Indiana. It was so cold and misty raining. 2 people were taken into the truck at a time. With a group of about 17, I stood in the parking lot, soaked to the skin for 2 hours before I had truck time. I got in the drivers seat of the truck. This was the 1st time I had been in a semi. The instructor had me back up and pull forward. I was having difficulty and the truck drifted. He made me so nervous and berated me for drifting. After 15 minutes I got out and waited another 2 hours in the rain. I was already fighting an ear infection and my right ear was clogged.

The next day I was sick with a cold and ear trouble. My shoes were still soaked from the day before. I was assigned to an instructor to have me drive on the road. It was loud in the truck with the engine running and with him to my right I was having trouble hearing. I turned left instead of right and he went into a tirade, telling me that it was his *** truck and I WOULD follow his instruction. I was grinding gears, trying to find the right pattern. He would growl at me to stop grinding the gears. He took the gear shift and jammed it into place 2 or 3 times. I was panicking and about to cry. I finally had enough and told him I wanted out of the driver seat. He yelled at me,"You can't just stop when you want to!" I made it back to the parking area of the school but ran over a grassy area. He turned and yelled at me, saying,"Oh that's just great! Now your tearing up the property!" The instructor had me fill out a form, failing me for the day. I went to the front office person. I was devastated, in tears and furious. I told her I would not be treated that way. They dismissed me from the school which I had already decided to leave. There's no way that I could learn in that environment.

I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. Particularly women. All of the instructors that I encountered were nasty, condescending and disrespectful.

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Well you get what you paid for..you want free training and complain you are not staying in a five star hotel and they don't greet you with a red carpet when you walk in the school?

You should have been prepared before you came. Save up money for a better hotel/room. You should have studied shifting and had the ear infection taken care of. Check the weather, check the weather, check the weather!!

When you see a chance of rain, then bring a coat. They even have cheap plastic rain gear that is about a dollar. It goes over your clothes. Why did you only bring one pair of shoes?

Did you not bring money for laundry services? It seems like there is more to the story. There is a reason why they was getting frustrated the way they were.

I have a feeling it was your fault.You should have came prepared financially, physically, and mentally.

Clementon, New Jersey, United States #1307177

I attended this school in 1996 and after 3 weeks of horrible teaching and training I was sent home and told I would never be a T/T Driver.I was very upset.

They even made me pay back for the room and meals even though they sent me home.

I waited about 6 months and attended a School in my area graduated with high scores and have been driving for 20 yrs.this September.They are a very unprofessional school and the trainers are not good at all.

Greenfield, Indiana, United States #1206860

I agree


I attended that C-1 Truck Driving School in Indianapolis Indiana also it was a bad environment to learn. The instructors acted more like Correction Officers in a prison. There were too many students in the class.


The school is great just pay attention all instructors are great except Dale Dale is the only one there that you can tell is just there for a Check he's rude he doesn't know how to instruct or talk to people he has no personality at all he doesn't care if you pass or fail besides that everyone else is great


I went to c1 was a great experience people who don't listen or people who have no business behind the wheel they are hard on every instructor except Dale is great very understanding people that have bad things to say are the the ones who just don't grasp what there teaching the only time I've seen them grab the shifter is after they try and tell you what to do when you can't get it into gear and your to *** to do what they say then they will jam into gear for u bc some people just didn't do what they said they give u plenty of instruction to get it on your own when u have a prob if you pay attention and do what they say you'll be fine everyone that I was there with passed and if your struggle you can get extra help on the weekends I was there exactly three weeks some people I was with were there four but everyone got there license they *** out the idiots that shouldn't be on the road if you can't handle this school don't bother driving bc the school is easy true life atlot more sressful

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1135268

You and I must have attended a different school. It was one of the most horrible experiences of my life.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #819545

I'm in the school in Fort Worth , the classroom guy Eric was really nice and patient with us he seems like one of the better ones .I just had my first week at the yard an they were totally different and rude , I hope that it will get better but at the end of the day the only person that will make me fail will be me if I let the negetive people get me down .

It just means I will have to study harder .Anyways good luck and god bless .

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #754660

You are apparently a female who cannot take verbal criticism.This is normal for your gender.

Perhaps now you realize you are not cut out to be a truck driver. Time to pick another career and do so soon in order to get on with making a career in something other than flipping burgers at McDonald's.

Driving a semi is really not an easy job, young lady.And, not that financially rewarding, either.

to nikalseyn Fort Worth, Texas, United States #819539

It sounds like u might be the *** person who did this to her !She sounds like she wasn't given a good instructor.

She sounds like are needs someone to take the time to train her almost anyone can be trained if given the right trainer ..Good luck mama don't let punks like them discourage u keep on trucking and good luck !!!

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